Thursday, October 16, 2014

From the Pastor...

Dear Friends,

It has been a very interesting week! 

Monday, even though a holiday, was quite busy in the morning.  In addition to the regular 7:30AM Mass, there was a funeral at 9AM and then the monthly Mass at Bourne Manor.  Please keep in your prayers Joseph Ransom and his family. 

Once a month I go to the Bourne Manor and the Cape Cod Senior Residences to celebrate Mass.  In addition each week there are volunteers from our parish who visit these places to offer the residents a brief prayer service and the opportunity to receive the Eucharist.  It is one of the ways that we reach out to those who cannot join us at the Table.  There are also volunteers who go out throughout the week to those in who are homebound because illness, age or disability.  If you or someone you know is homebound, please call the Parish Office to let us know.  We want to be sure we are taking care of everyone in our family of faith.

Tuesday was “back to work” day.  Like most Tuesdays I was at UMass Dartmouth in the morning and celebrated a noontime Mass at the Law School.  Instead of heading over to Bristol Community College in the afternoon, I stayed at UMD to attend a Roundtable with various faith leaders from Southeastern Massachusetts to discuss substance abuse and addiction.  There is a growing awareness of the issue and an acknowledgement that addiction happens in all families and all communities.  It crosses all of the socio-economic lines and the response needs to include everyone.  Over the past year, I have been in conversation with staff, parishioners and others in regards to the topic and we are looking at some possible ways to be a greater support and resource, not just for the person who is struggling with an addiction, but also for their friends and family so that they may be a source of love and support as well.

We now have the ability to archive and post video from past activities in the Church.  The plan is to post at least the homily on Facebook and the entire Mass on the blog.  I am still learning the technology, so please bear with me.  There have been some questions about the stream going down and sometimes getting broken up.  Occasionally we have found it necessary to reboot some of the equipment to reestablish a link. That usually fixes the issue of the stream being down.  As you may be aware, this part of the Cape gets of a lot of power fluctuations (brown outs, outages, etc.).  Generally, technology does like these fluctuations.  We do have a top of the line lightening suppression system protecting the sound system and the streaming equipment and that helps greatly.

In terms of the broken stream, it isn’t an issue on this end.  Usually it depends on the strength of the signal getting to your computer.  If it is a slow internet connection or a lot of activity on a router, things slow down and it will affect video.

Pray for our Confirmation II Candidates on retreat this weekend as part of their preparation to receive the sacrament this Spring.  We are very proud of our youth and want to be sure we are as supportive as possible.

I will not be here Sunday morning for masses.  Instead, I will be at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River with Bishop da Cunha and other priests of the Diocese for the annual Red Mass.  The Red Mass is a tradition that marks the kick off of the “court year”.  Each year faculty and students from UMass Law at Dartmouth participate.  Let us all pray for those who serve in the legal profession, that they be motivated to work for truth and justice.

Fr. David