Monday, November 4, 2013

Week of November 3

Wow! November already! It has been a very quick five months as your pastor and very busy.  I am very thankful to so many who work to make St. John’s the parish that it is.  We have had a long history, going back long before we were officially made a parish in 1969, of people giving of themselves to build up our community here.  I would like to publically thank three individuals. Josephine Fletcher, Marie Czarnetski, and Madeleine Abromavage .  For the last 20-30+ years, they have worked at providing music at our liturgies.  When I met with them all over the summer it was apparent that we needed a music director to help organize the liturgical music with the various celebrations and programs that were being created as well as to provide the musicians and cantors ongoing formation.  Providing music at Mass is more than just showing up.  It is a ministry, it takes time to practice, to learn the rhythms of the liturgical year and to be spiritually prepared as well.  Over the years they have ministered to us, but have not been ministered to themselves.  When John Brennan came on board, he not only took over the role of planning music and scheduling musicians and cantors, he is also tasked in the continuing education and formation of these individuals.  Madeleine and Josephine both let John know that the time commitment is just too much and have stepped away from the ministry.  Marie has asked to be on the schedule just once a month.  Joe Sullivan, who also has been a longtime cantor, will continue as a cantor.  Please join me in thanking them for their service and commitment to the community!
A definite sign that the season is changing:  The Christmas displays are going up in the stores, and Donna is looking for children to join this year’s Christmas Choir!  Every year Donna works with children of our parish in forming a Christmas Choir that provides the music for our 4PM Christmas Eve Mass.  That tradition is continuing.  Rehearsals will begin Wednesday November 13 at 5:30PM.  Children in Grades 1 and above are invited to join.  In addition, Donna has agreed to work with the Choir throughout the year.  They will provide the music at Mass at least once a month.  See the announcement in this week’s bulletin for more information.
In November we pray in a special way for our beloved dead.  The Book of Remembrance has been placed near the baptismal font.  I invite you to write in the names of your deceased relatives and friends and we will be sure to pray for them at each liturgy throughout the month of November.
November is also the month of Thanksgiving!  In the middle of a great war and crisis, President Lincoln called on Americans to take some time to be thankful for the blessings in their lives. About a week ago, the parish staff met for the first time with the new staff members who have joined the team.  In the course of the conversation it was noted how thankful we are for all you, the family of faith at St. John’s.  It is our greatest honor and privilege to serve you.  In appreciation, we invite you to a free pasta dinner immediately following our Thanksgiving Mass on Tuesday November 26.  Also at that Mass, we invite high school students to wear their school colors as we offer a blessing a thanksgiving for all of our youth, you could call it a spiritual pep rally before Thursday’s big games!  I ask that if you would like to attend the dinner that you let us know so we can prepare.  You can contact Patty in the office or go to our website.
Fr. David 

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