Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week of November 17

Dear Friends,

With the “visit” this past week of some snowflakes, I am reminded of the need to share with you the plan for the winter concerning Mass and snowstorms.  If Bourne Public Schools are delayed or cancelled due to weather, daily Mass will be cancelled that day.  This isn’t so I can get a snow day and sleep in, but rather because our public officials are concerned with the condition of the roads and for the safety of all are asking to keep the roads as clear from traffic as possible.  In the event of a snowstorm or other extreme weather occurring on the weekend or during school vacations, “common sense trumps canon law”. I will post if Mass is cancelled on our Facebook and by email through Flocknote (To register for Flocknote, go to
As you have probably gathered through the bulletin and some of the changes at Mass, there is a lot going on in our family of faith and more programs and activities in the works!  To help maintain this momentum and meet the growing needs of our parish, I would like to announce a couple of staffing “adjustments”.  Crystal Medeiros is taking on the role of Director of Faith Formation for Youth and Adults.  She will continue overseeing Confirmation and Youth and Young Adult Programs and will also take on developing catechetical, scriptural and spiritual programs for adults in the parish. John Brennan is now our Director of Music and Liturgy.  He will continue his work in the development of the music program here at St. John’s.  In addition, he will oversee the recruitment, training and ongoing formation of our many liturgical and related ministries as well as planning of liturgies and prayer services.  Rest assured I won’t be hanging around all day at the Rectory watching Soaps and eating BonBons!  These two staffing moves will help facilitate more efficiently the growth that we are experiencing as a parish.
If you use envelopes for your weekly contribution, you will notice a change beginning in December.  We have changed companies and the new envelopes will have a different scripture quote each month.  As part of our emphasis on faith formation, this is a way where a normally routine activity can contribute to one’s prayer and spirituality. We invite families and individuals to use the quote as a means of preparing for Mass each Sunday.  Also, every action that we do at Mass has some meaning, and our weekly contribution is no different. We are able to do what we do as a family of faith based on the support of each member of the faith family (including the pastor-yes, even I use envelopes!). This weekly contribution is not only a financial decision, but also one that is based on one’s prayerful reflection.
Please keep the victims of last week’s typhoon in the Philippines and Vietnam in your prayers.  The Knights of Columbus will be at the doors of the Church this weekend selling raffle tickets for an Outdoor Christmas Display.  Proceeds from the sale of tickets will go to Catholic Relief Services.  In addition, at our Thanksgiving Mass on the 26th, we will do a collection for relief efforts.
Don’t forget our Mass of Thanksgiving on Tuesday November 26th at 6PM. Again, please bring a canned good that will go to the Bourne Food Pantry.  We will also have a special collection for the victims of the Typhoon.  Youth are encouraged to wear their school colors in anticipation of the Thanksgiving games.  We will have a special blessing for children and youth as well.  Following Mass, everyone is invited to the Parish Hall for a free Pasta Dinner!  If you are planning on attending the dinner, please RSVP by contacting the Parish Office or through the website so we are able to prepare enough food.

Fr. David

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