Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 10

Dear Friends, 

The readings today remind us of our belief in eternal life and the Resurrection.  We don’t believe that Jesus was a wise teacher, he was (and is) the Son of God who really rose from the dead.  No resurrection, no Christianity.

As a result of the resurrection, we live in hope and joy because we know we are offered to share the fruits of his victory over death.  While we all will experience an earthly death, it is not the end of our lives.  St. Paul reminds us though that eternity with God is not something we earn or can achieve on our own.  At best, humanity can only delay death.  We cannot overcome it.  Heaven is the goal of the Christian. If it is our goal, but we cannot earn it, what hope do we have?  Paul tells us that God love overcomes our weakness.  He offers us the graces we need.  When we accept those graces, we are able to grow in our union with Him.

At the same time, we are given the task to share the message of the Gospel with all people.  God desires that all who are made in His image and likeness share in the hope and joy of heaven. This can seem to be an overwhelming task, yet those graces help us to persevere.  We need to be sure that in the good times, we take the time to build up our spiritual endurance so that in the rough times we are able to persevere.  We must also remember that we are not alone in this journey of faith.  We are a part of a family of faith.  When you are tired, worn down and/or struggling, this family keeps you close to their hearts in prayer.  We need to be sure that in the good times, we are taking time to pray for those who can’t.
Certainly one of the biggest trials we experience in our lives is the loss of a loved one.  Our hearts are heavy and we may wonder how God could allow death to happen.  This is particularly the case when the death is sudden or involves a young person. One of the tasks of the family of faith is to walk this journey with those who mourn.  This is a part of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.  To assist in the pastoral care of those who are mourning, I would like to create a team of volunteers trained to assist with the Funeral Rites as well as in the follow up care of family members.  If you are interested, please let me know.
Every year Bishop Coleman recognizes dedicated lay women and men who have contributed in great ways to the life of their parishes.  The Marian Medal is awarded to these individuals on the Solemnity of Christ the King, this year on November 24, 2013 at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River.  A couple of months ago I organized a committee of parishioners to take the task of giving me a name to nominate for this recognition.  I would like to thank them for their service in that task.  I submitted the name they gave me and was notified the other day that Bishop Coleman has been selected Jack Garrity to receive the Marian Medal.  As you may know, Jack is very involved in many aspects of the life of St. John’s and I was very happy that he is being recognized for his commitment to St. John’s.  Please join me in congratulating Jack!
Please consider joining us on Tuesday November 26 at 6PM for a special Mass of Thanksgiving.  High School youth are invited to wear their school colors in preparation for Thursday’s big games.  All are invited to bring a canned good that we will donate to the Bourne Food Pantry.  I am very excited to invite you to the free Pasta Dinner that will follow right after Mass!  The staff want to thank you for your support of our family of faith and felt this was the best way to do so.  We just ask that you contact us to let us know if you are planning on attending the dinner so we can get an idea of how much pasta to cook.  You can call Patty at 508-563-5887, email us at office@sjeparish.com or click on the link on our website, www.stjohnspocasset.org.

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